The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Believe it or not, as much as a whisky person as I came to be, and in spite of the fact that I like Highland whiskies, I never got a chance to taste any expression of The Glenlivet. Heard about it and read about it quite often, saw it on store shelves (on and off line) but never had the chance to try it.

It happened that this piece of information was revealed by chance to my fellow Whisky Israel Society member, Richard (well he asked me for my opinion, I said I’ve none due to…), so while on a recent business trip to he decided to buy me a 50ml bottle of The Glenlivet 12YO so I will have a chance to try it.

I was not aware of this and was quite surprised and flattered when I visited him earlier this week and was given the bottle.

So a BIG thank you goes to Richard for “forcing” me onto The Glenlivet, and thank you goes to Gal for letting me post my notes of it in the blog.The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

The Glenlivet 12YO, 40%ABV,  £25.45 (buy here)

Nose: Floral start, almost no alcohol felt. Cider HaGalil (Israeli brand) concentrated apple juice (before water is added to prepare the juice). Candy, toffee and honey. Very sweet nose. Very lovely nose! I just sat and sniffed it for a looong time.

Palate: Soft, sweet but not as sweet as nose makes you expect. Apple juice (now after the water) very noticeable. Candy and some sweet pomelo.

Finish : Medium which starts sweet but turns to be a bit bitter towards the end.

Very nice, tasty and fun dram. Maybe not for the winter but rather spring/summer, but lovely it is. After trying this I am certain that I must try other expressions of The Glenlivet. Lucky for me I discovered that Raviv from our society just happens to have some.

I think The Glenlivet can (and shall) make a very nice addition to my (and any whisky lover) whisky cabinet.

Thanks again to Richard and Gal.


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  1. I, too, was surprised by how good the entry-level Glenlivet was, especially for the price. There are (many) blended Scotches that are more expensive and inferior to Glenlivet 12 (in my opinion). I always keep a bottle on hand, so I can marvel at the value when I’m in the mood for an inexpensive dram. Good review!

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