Quick Dram : Compass Box Asyla

Another Compass box,I’ve reviewed a long time , and forgot to rate, and post. This one is a blended whisky (yes, not a single malt, or vatted malt or whatever, ‘just’ a blend), but it’s a very good one in my opinion.
First of all, it contains 50% Malt, and 50% Grain, quite a high ratio (same as the Black Bull 12, if you remember). In addition the whiskies selected are supposed to be of good quality, and only first fill casks.
Compass Box Asyla, 40% ABV , £25 (Buy here)
Nose: lemon , apple on a pillow of malt and grain. Sweet and wee zesty like granny smith apples. Vanilla custard.
Palate: light, the grain sweetness is prominent in top of apple peel. Honey, oats malt and light fruit. Light.
Finish : light sweet and fruity with oak.

Bottom line:
Summer dram definitely , light refreshing pre  meal or as a cocktail. Very nice for starting the evening. I’d love to see the ABV% go up to let’s say 48-50%, this whisky deserves it.

Score : 80/100


4 thoughts on “Quick Dram : Compass Box Asyla

    1. I agree. it lacks something, therfore the 80. it’s well made, but i do belive at 40% it’s wee anaemic. would suggest it as a light sipping whisky before lunch, and good base for cocktails.
      if ABV% was 50^% i bet this one would be a cracker of a blend.

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