Tasting Lion’s Pride Rye whiskeys


Lion’s pride is a very interesting whisky coming from Chicago,IL. The distillery which makes

it is Koval distillery which also makes other distillates.

What’s interesting about Lion’s pride is that it’s a single barrel,unfiltered and handcrafted, which means it’s distilled in small quantities. In addition the whisky is Organic, and Kosher (if you keep kosher).

There are two persons behind the whisky : Sonat, A Chicago native and Robert, originally from Austria, who teamed up together to create this spirit.

The name of the whisky comes from the distiller’s son (named Lion),  and each whisky is available in two aging styles : European which is lighter,and American which creates a more robust and darker (in colour).

If you are interested in more information about the distillery check out this PDF.

I’ve been able to get hold of samples of their Rye and Malt versions (regular, and dark), and will post notes in two part, starting with the Ryes.

Lion’s Pride Rye , 40 % , $45 (buy here)

Colour: Chardonnay (no caramel is added)

Nose:  Big rye impression, very sweet with oodles of vanilla, honey , pine and Banana.

Palate: Mega rye here as well. vanilla,  Banana candy (the more spicy, aromatic ones), lollipop, it’s a bit like licking the inside of a barrel, with all those spices and wood thickness. It’s not big bodied, yet the impact is there.

Finish : Medium- long, drying , lot’s of wood spice, vanilla and some bitterness of the wood.


Lions’ Pride Dark Rye, 40% , $45 (buy here)

Colour: Gold

Nose: A totally different beast than the Rye. Less sweet, more restrained, the banana is all gone. vanilla is there, but the whole deal is less sweet, spicier, heavier. hints of tobacco, Eucalyptus and pine needles.
Palate : Again, spicier, less sweet, less vanillin, and no banana and candy here. sugar, some Rum effect, and toasted oak. some Eucalyptus extract, and pine .
Finish : bitter tobacco, burnt sugar and charred wood.

Bottom line:

So, which one do i prefer? It’ll have to be the darker version, but only by at tiny margin. Both are good whiskies, interesting, and i can definitely see myself sipping those when i am in the mood for something spicy,tangy : Rye.

If you are in the rye business,those two offer a good alternative,and if you like “Organic” or keep kosher, you might as well, pick up a bottle.


Sincere thanks to Meg of Koval for the samples.

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