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Tasting Jura 21 yo 200th Anniversary bottling


The Jura distillery is celebrating it’s 200th anniversary and  to commemorate this event,  it has released a unique version of it’s 21 year old expression. Available from the island or from whisky merchants,  this dram was matured in vintage sherry barrels from 1963. The Box includes contains an exclusive invitational scroll from Distillery Manager, Willie Cochrane, to a special tasting of rare whiskies at the distillery. There will also be 21 stays at the luxury Jura lodge up for grabs for purchasers of the commemorative malt, which is a nice idea.isle-of-jura-distillery1200x806

when asked about this bottling distillery manager Willie said : ‘At the distillery we are all extremely proud of this 200th anniversary expression. Not only is it an exceptional malt, it’s also an exceptionally rare malt with only a few thousand people being lucky enough to be able to enjoy this beautiful whisky that has been matured in a vintage Oloroso sherry cask.’

interesting, eh?

Anyways, until recently I’ve only had the younger Jura expressions, and was very happy for the opportunity to taste a 21-year-old, sherry matured one. Off we go to the tasting room:

Jura 21 200th Anniversary edition  , 44% ABV , £108


Nose : Lovely thick melange of dried fruits and sugar. This is a great sherry start. Some wood spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) also become evident after some time (give this one some breathing time – it’s worth it).  Some chocolate and marzipan notes ….

Palate: Starts with quite a wine influence, then off to orange marmalade, the spice attack is quite fierce, then it gives way to sugar, and the remains of a dark chocolate pack. mouth coating and heart warming.

Finish : Medium on dark chocolate, espresso, and spice. some wood too.

Bottom Line :

all in all , very enjoyable, and well made sherry dram. If you like anniversary expressions, and fancy boxes, this one is definitely on your to buy list. It’s also a nice opportunity to taste the now-discontinued 21 year old expression, and to maybe win a stay at the Jura lodge and visit to the Jura distillery. Had I lived in Scotland, i would have given this one a try!

This one has recently been reviewed by the chaps at whisky for everyone, so check out their notes as well.

Good stuff.

Sincere thanks to Jill of W&M  for the sample

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