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Quick Dram : The Macallan Sherry 18 yo, 1987 vintage


Xmas is near, and if there was a Xmas dram, this is it. It’s not new that The Macallan makes wicked sherry drams. I’ve tasted their 18 year old (1990) , their 12 and some of the FineOak (reviews coming, I know I am way way behind times).

Even that we do not celebrate Xmas here (most of us don’t anyways – as we’re jewish) I do join the holiday season, and will be posting notes of drams I associate with holiday seasons and Xmas.

The Macallan Sherry Oak, 18 yo, 1987 Vintage , 46% ABV

Nose: Oh baby. This reminds me why I love the Macallan sherry expressions.All the sherry goodness in the world is here. Thick, complex, big : Starts with loads of tobacco,  inner of a pipe box , and dried fruit (prunes, dates, all in thick liquor).  Orange Peel , Dark chocolate and traces of coffee.

Palate: Starting with coffee beans, Earl Grey , dried fruit and a few some oaky notes. Thick, comforting, sweet, bitter. A microcosm of pleasures.

Finish : Long, dry,double espresso, crushed coffee beans, and plums .

In short : This is what i love. This is a true Macallan. forget the ‘Fine Oak’ , this is the real McCoy. Macallan knows sherry, they know how to treat it, they know how to make one moan with joy when sipping it.

I love this one!

A great whisky. Definitely on my top 10 sherry drams ever!

Happy holidays!


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