40 Whiskies of the last 40 years

Who doesn’t know Richard Paterson? (A.K.A : The Nose) ???

Richard Paterson @ Whisky Live!

Richard is one of the better known and colourful characters in the whisky world. Master Blender at Whyte & Mackay for over than 40 years and a real “Whisky” idol, (if there are any) is celebrating his 40th years with W&M by speaking about 40 whiskies from the last 40 years he’s appreciated.  This is in conjunction with the new W&M blog (http://www.whyteandmackay.co.uk) , and all is real fun, for us whisky geeks.

Richard is jus the funniest, most knowledgeable whisky Gentleman around, and i am one of his biggest fans. A real performer, and a real talent when it comes to nosing, blending and tasting whiskies. Richard became  a Master Blender at the incredibly early age of 26 – though his first dram was given to him by his father, a whisky broker and blender, at the age of eight.
He began his career as a general production assistant at A. Giles & Company Whisky Blenders & Brokers where he learned the art of blending before joining Whyte & Mackay, one of Scotland’s leading makers and distributors of Scotch whisky.

Richard is a former president of The Wine & Spirit Club of Scotland and the Institute of Wine & Spirits in Scotland.
He has been awarded The Spirit of Scotland Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition and is a Diploma Lecturer for Scotch Whisky for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London.

Richard will post a video every day for the next 40 days or so (there has been 5 already all available on YouTube) .

here is the first video : Introducing 40 years, 40 whiskies

Introducing 40 whikies of 40 years


I am always thinking of my readers, and I’ve been able to get a few links to future posts, which are not to be published for a few weeks. But….

Here is a sneak peek at one of the future (yet to be published) videos which i have been granted a wee peek into. Richard speaks about one of my favourite world whisky : Suntory whisky.

Richard speaks of Suntory, Japan.

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