Quick Dram : Master Of Malt Lowlands 12 yo

A few months ago i got this sample together with a bottle i ordered from MoM. Didn’t have get to tasting it until now. I have to admit i am not a huge fan of the lowlands , but i am willing to give anything a try. Maybe it will be a cracking dram?

I tried looking up some information on this bottling, but couldn’t find much on the web, neither on the MoM site. apart from a short tasting notes by JM (in his 2009 bible, which he scored as 83).

So, let’s get on with the dramming.

Master of Malt lowlands 12 year old  , £34.95


Nose: Some funky nose on this one. On first whiff i am getting some very bizarre Rye notes. Rye?!  I know you think i am crazy, but this reminds me of rye.  On 2nd whiff : Grass which was just mowed, and some vegetal notes.

Palate: Oily, spicy , malt  & sugar. The grassy effect is not present in the palate. It’s quite enjoyable but not something extraordinary.

Finish : Medium length  – malt, remains of the sugar and honey notes, wee bitter on the ending.

Bottom line :

In short : not my cup of tea. It’s good but not great. I was expecting more from this whisky, i don’t know why, but it didn’t quite deliver for me. Seems JM likes this one better than me. IMHO, MoM has far better bottling than this one.

Slainte Mhath !

Sincere thanks to the Master of Malt team for the sample.

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