Whisky Round Table #5 – Chez ‘Whisky Emporium’


This month our noble host is Keith Of Whisky Emporium, an English Gentleman in exile in Bavaria, and a very knowledgeable whisky buff.

He posed a thought provoking question :

“I know that officially the ageing or maturation of whisky is defined as the time spent in oak casks, but apart from that, do you believe in any form of ‘bottle ageing’ being accountable for changes in the flavour of whisky over a period of years whilst still in the bottle?”

All knights accepted this challenging question, and you can find their answers on the Whisky Emporium page HERE.

Interesting…. and well worth a read.

Your humble servant is honoured to be associated with this amazing forum of whisky bloggers,aficionados, experts and whisky geeks.

Happy reading!



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