Lifting a dram for MediaMind !


Most of you know me as a whisky freak, Peat head and sherry fanatic, but in order to support this addiction to amazingly good whiskies, one needs to keep a day job.

When not drinking / sampling / writing tasting notes / dreaming whisky i happen to work for Mediamind as  a software development team lead. I’ve been there for almost 8 years now and today is indeed a happy day for the company, and me.

IPO day. Yes, finally Mediamind (formerly known as eyeblaster) is listed on the NASDAQ. yes, baby!

You are probably thinking that i am filthy rich now, and want to befriend me :)  well, it’s  not really the case. I am not (and won’t be) a rich man due to this , but it is nice to see something you worked on for so many years being listed on the stock exchange, and make it worldwide.

So here i am, lifting a dram for Mediamind.

Well done, and good luck there on the market. it’s not easy.


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