Tasting the Single Malt Scotch Bars – Yumm!

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We all know that Chocolate and Whisky is a match made in heaven. I especially like sipping dark chocolate (70%, and of good quality) side by side with some drams. My favorites that go very well with chocolates are HP 18, and Talisker 10, Talisker being the #1 “enhanced” whisky by such a combination. Now, My friend J.H has been telling me a long time about this fabulous chocolate & whisky bar he’s been buying online and is amazing. The minute I heard about it, I knew I had to taste it, and on top of that, knowing it contains Talisker, It was a must taste for me.

Sadly, those whisky infused bon-bons are tough to find around here, and are sold by foodzie.com which does not ship to Israel (yet another store than does not ship. Why oh why?! – note to self : I need to emigrate ASAP, since all the good things are produced elsewhere). I asked J.H if he can send me some of those beauties , and I was eternally thankful to him when he obliged and sent those cuties he ordered for me and re-shipped them to Israel. So, many many thanks JH. Without you, this post would never have happened.

After a few weeks a package arrived, with 3 beautifully packaged bars (theproxy size of a half mars-bar, but wider). Very appetizing. Each one is wrapped and so nicely crafted. Yay !, now let’s start sampling.


Each Bar is made of whisky-infused chocolate, thick caramel, coated with dark chocolate , sprinkled with some delicate flakes of Maldon Sea salt. Beautiful, and delicious. The BonBonBar Company which manufactures this beauties use Talisker Single malt (Talisker Distiller’s edition to be more exact, which is a regular 10 year old Talisker, which was finished in Amoroso Sherry butts for an additional year. This gives the whisky another dimension due to the sherry influence. I must admit I prefer the “regular” 10 year old expression when sipping it neat, but the DE here goes very well with the entire chocolaty experience.


The taste if wonderfully rich, a combination of dark, bitter and sweet mouth feel combining the thick chocolaty with a hint of whisky maltiness and sweetness that is wonderfully integrated. The little flakes of sea salt add another dimension and contradict the sweet palate in a wonderful way. The closest thing that comes into mind is eating a rich chocolate, with a wee dram in your hand, and feeling the sea-spray on your tongue after having tasted the chocolate in your mouth. Wow.

At 5$ a pop, it’s not cheap. I wouldn’t make it my everyday sweet relief, but it’s one hell of a sensory experience. Whether you are a whisky aficionado or a chocolate lover, this one is a true unique experience. Worth every penny in my book!

The same company produces other very interesting bars, mainly the Bourbon infused bar, which is also on my wish list. Great stuff guys. Highly recommended.

13 thoughts on “Tasting the Single Malt Scotch Bars – Yumm!

    1. thx steffen,
      yea, i need to try those as well.
      should arrange a shipping with someone at NYC..

  1. thx steffen,
    yea, i need to try those as well.
    should arrange a shipping with someone at NYC..

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