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Bunnahabhain Featured Headline Independent Bottling Islay Single Cask Tasting Notes Wemyss

Wemyss Single cask–’Honey Spice’ 1991 (Bunnahabhain)

Wemyss malts also bottles some very good single casks in addition to the blended malt whiskies. The latest batch of single casks includes a distillery name on the label in addition to the Wemyss special naming scheme describing the whisky so accurately as I’ve grown to learn. Today we shall sample another one of those, …

Featured Headline Independent Bottling Single Cask Speyside Tasting Notes Wemyss

Wemyss Round 6 : Ginger Compote Single Cask,Speyside Vintage 1996

So We’ve reached the final tasting note in this series (3 more to come next month), and to conclude it, we’ll be tasting another single cask, this time a Speyside single cask, 1996 vintage called “Ginger Compote”.Not a bad dram, and again Wemyss names those with much accuracy. Bingo. Shall we start nosing the compote? …

Featured Headline Highlands Independent Bottling Single Cask Tasting Notes Wemyss

More Wemyss : Red Berry Cream Single Cask vintage 1990

After the glorious “Whispering smoke” arrive at out 2nd single cask tasting note, this time a Highland single cask, distilled 1990. I’ve seen some sites pointing to the Ben Nevis distillery, yet the Wemyss site does not indicate which distillery is behind this one. Very different than the w.some, this one is all about red …