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Caperdonich 17 Year Old (Abbey Whisky)

My First ever Abbey Whisky review, and very happy to add another Indie bottler. Always makes me happy to get a wee sample i never tried (cheers guys!) , and this one was no exception, with the growing crowd of Caperdonich whisky lovers, We see more and more Indie bottlings from this lost distillery. Some […]

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Maltstock Day #2–Master of malt Masterclass – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

So, after a solid 8 or so hours of sleep (while my room mate JB is still in deep slumber) I woke up with a bit of a headache (not enough sleep, and almost enough malts) , to wash up and get ready for day 2. Nothing is nicer on such a day than a […]

Caperdonich Featured G&M Headline Sherry Tasting Notes

Tasting Caperdonich 1969 by G&M

So, Demolished distillery bottling, are they tastier? or are we just missing those distilleries which will never operate again? That is a good question I need to devote an entire post to, or even a poll, but until then we’ll give Caperdonich the benefit of the doubt, as it is one of those distilleries that […]

Caperdonich Cask Strength Featured Finishes Headline Men o'Quaich Single Cask Speyside Tasting Notes

Tasting ‘Men o’Quiach’ – 1972 Caperdonich 38yo

Men o’Quaich is an IB label created by a group of Russian single malt whisky aficionados (Timothy, Paul, Vladislav, Alexis and Mikhail). It consists of old and older casks which are then transferred into an octave sherry cask of small dimensions (and volume) for a few months to ‘finish’ the liquid than bottled at cask […]