Bulliet Headline Rye Tasting Notes

A bit of whiskey – Bulleit Rye- Review

Time for a non single malt scotch review. I know some of you do not approve (yes, you Stuart – I am looking at you), but this blog is all about whisky and whiskey, and I’ve not done that in some time. Bulleit Rye is widely available these days, and it’s even sold locally in […]

Gifts Guide Opinions

2010 Holiday gift guide on a budget

The holidays are coming and most blogs have written their “gift guides” in the last week or so. I guess this post is mostly aimed at you Europeans/Americans out there, as we Israelis and Jews, do not celebrate Xmas, and hence get no gifts. Bummer! My idea is to put a few recommendation together for […]

Amrican Bourbon Bulliet Rye Tasting Notes

Bourbon session #1 : Bulleit Bourbon

Two facts for you: 1. I am not much of a Bourbon drinker. I’ve Tried a few Bourbons and American whiskies in my life, but I can’t say I was overwhelmed (One can claim I didn’t sample the best of Bourbons, that’s true, But I’ve tried a few before). They always seem to me less […]

Amrican Bourbon Bulliet High West Rye Whisky Links WoodFord Reserve

American Whisky, Bourbon & Rye on W.Israel – soon!

It’s right , I don’t taste and review many Bourbons myself. I’ve been thinking of adding some Bourbon,Rye and American whisky notes, to keep compnay to all the scotch i’ve been sampling and writing about recently. SO…. In the next coming weeks, i will try to review a few of those. With the help of […]