Featured Islands Jura Sherry Tasting Notes

Tasting Jura boutique barrels JO & JI

The Jura boutique barrels is comprised of three different expressions, aged in different sets of barrels specifically selected by the Jura distiller Willie Cochrane.  Each has been assigned a code in two letters used in the Jura warehouse to distinguish different barrels. XU – heavily peated and aged in Ex-Bourbon casks. JI – Oloroso Sherry. […]

Islands Jura Peated Quick Dram scotch Tasting Notes

Quick Dram : Isle Of Jura Boutique barrel 1999 XU heavy peat

Last week’s Peat Summit #1 which was a huge success , but as you know it’s hard to taste so many malts at one session, and review them all. So, i did pour myself a few wee samples to be later tasted at the comfort of my own home, when the wife and kids are […]