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John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend

A JW blended whisky review on this blog?! Yes, why not? Actually, this is not your average JW blended whisky as It’s a special release and bottled at a nice Premium Strength of 51% abv. This whisky is one out of three released to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of perhaps the best-known whisky brand internationally. […]

Blends Compass Box Tasting Notes

Compass Box Delilah’s XXV edition

A new Compass box whisky is always a reason to get excited, at least around here at Whisky Israel Towers. This time around we’re talking Blended whisky (a mix of Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies), rather than the usual Blended Malt (which contains only a mix of Single malts from various distilleries).  The whisky was […]

mars Tasting Notes

Mars Shinshu – Iwai Tradition (Blended whisky)

With the surge of Japanese whisky, and everyone so keen on owning a Japanese whisky, more brands are hopping on the Japanese trend bandwagon, and the latest addition to the local market is the Iwai Tradition, A blended whisky from the Hombo whisky house, which own two distilleries : Mars Shinshu and New Tsunuki. I’ve tasted some […]

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House of Hazelwood 18 yo

If you’ve flown recently, you might have noticed a new range sold exclusively on Travel Retail by the name of “House Of Hazelwood”. This is a new range created by W.Grant & Sons. House of Hazelwood is inspired by Janet Sheed Roberts (1901-2012), a Grant family member, and her “rich and vibrant” life. She lived […]

Blends Independent Bottling Tasting Notes

The Half-Century Blend [Master of malt] – Review

If you’ve been following the blog for sometime you know that I am quite fond of aged blended whisky, having tasted a few awesome expressions made up of old Grain whisky and some old Malt whisky (Black bull 40,Compass Box The Circus , The Golden Age Blend) , I can assure you some of them do […]


Black Bull 40 year old – Blended Whisky (Batch #4)

Black Bull 40 is a high-end blended whisky expression, blended by Duncan Taylor, and has been on the market for a few years now , now reaching batch #7 if I am not mistaken. It’s essentially 90% blended malts (from Glenfarclas, Springbank, Glenlivet, Highland Park, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu, Miltonduff)  and 10% Grain from Invergordon, all above 40 […]

Blends Compass Box Tasting Notes

The Circus is coming to town… [Compass Box The Circus]

‘If you’re looking for rainbows, look up to the sky.’ – Charlie Chaplin, The Circus, 1928 There are many new whisky releases in the last year or so, but more and more I find myself disappointed with the new whisky distilleries and IB’s are coming up with : often young, immature, or just plain random […]

Blends Master Of Malt Tasting Notes

The Golden Age Blend

Master of malt have quite a lot of product lines, and one of those is the ‘Blended whisky Co.”, this time they chose to bottle a very interesting older whisky profile blend, which is made of whisky distilled in the “golden age” of distilling : from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s, as you […]

Blends Famous Grouse Headline Sherry Tasting Notes

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold

Another blended whisky, twice in a row? Yes, indeed. And why not? It is not a port Ellen, but it is something that most people buy, and that is what keeps Single malts in motion, Blended malts, we heart you (although we drink you only from time to time, which is a shame btw). So […]

Blends Headline Indian Tasting Notes

Indian Whisky–Signature Rare Aged – review and notes

Just a few days ago I returned from a three-week long vacation in northern India (Himachal Pradesh), which was Fabulous. For me it was the first time in India, and I was really impressed with this amazing (yet different) country. One thing I knew before going there – There will not be a lot of […]