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Kilchoman Autumn 2009 Release

I’ve written about Kilchoman in my Hebrew blog before, but until this moment have been unable to taste their nectar. The first batch of their 3-year-old whisky (the first malt which was legally a “whisky”) got snatched so fast from stores. one blink of the eye, and all were gone. Luckily i was able to […]


The tough life of an Israeli Whiskey lover

It has been a long time since my last post. I know. I have been sick, and my nosing abilities were off, for quite a long time. But today, i would like to share my difficulties of being an Israeli whisky lover, in a country that discourages the consumption of the nectar. A few weeks […]

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WhiskyFest @ NYC

Well, this post has been a long-ish time coming. WhiskyFest NYC was only 8 days ago but it feels like it was a month ago. Before I go further, I must extend my thanks and gratitude to Gal & Kfir for not only allowing me to use Whisky Israel as an outlet for my ramblings […]

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Ardbeg Corryvreckan vs. Airigh Nam Beist

The last two weeks or so i have been feeling rather bad: a cold and a throat infection made me stay home, take antibiotics and hence, i was Alcohol free for almost a fortnight: pretty annoying. I was longing for a wee dram, and was so happy that last Wednesday while my wife was out […]

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Lamb & Whisky – Shared Post With The Scotch Hobbyist

Introduction Gal Granov and I have been following each other on Twitter and talking about whisky for a while. When the idea of guest blogging came up, doing a whisky/food pairing article seemed like a natural fit, given my Scotch Hobbyist blog, and Gals involvement with the Food ‘n Wine blog. We decided that he […]

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Ardbeg Corryvreckan – Tasting Notes

  I am a big Ardbeg fan, that is no secret, i am quite the Peat-Head and as such every new expression from Islay’s best distillery (ok, Head to head with Laphraoig which i also adore) is great news. The 10-year-old is indeed a cornerstone of any whisky lover’s home bar. my current Ardbeg favorite […]

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Our First Post / Hello (Whisky) World!

For some time now, we’ve been blogging about whisky (and food,wine,beer) in our main Blog which is a Hebrew blog. we’ve written posts about whisky, tasting, reviews, but all were in Hebrew, which is a beautiful language , yet complete gibberish to most of you out there. Reading a lot of other Whisky blogs […]