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John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend

A JW blended whisky review on this blog?! Yes, why not? Actually, this is not your average JW blended whisky as It’s a special release and bottled at a nice Premium Strength of 51% abv. This whisky is one out of three released to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of perhaps the best-known whisky brand internationally. […]

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Johnnie Walker “The Royal Route” [Explorer’s club collection]

This is the third and most exclusive (read: expensive) of the Travel Retail Explorer’s club collection. I wont bore you with the name, and the rest of the PR details. I’ve reviewed the previous edition a few months ago and concluded it was nice, but expensive. This is even more expensive, but also nicer IMHO. […]

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#12blends Day 6 – Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 yo

Day 6, and again my guess failed big time. Not that i have ever had this one but, still. I went for the Bailie Nicol Jarvie blend (and as it appears quite a few other mates went for the same one , and were wrong). Let’s roll: Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Platinum Label , […]

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#12 blends – day 1 – JW Gold Label Reserve

So what is #12blends?, you ask? It’s really a fun idea and the brainchild of Tom Thomson (check out his blog). Tom is a great guy, and another whisky geek and lover I’ve met online. He thought of this idea where 12 members worldwide (most in the UK, but me Sean from the US) swap […]

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Tasting the new Johnnie Walker ‘Gold Route’

My beloved whisky geeks, this is a blend. Yes, i know. It’s not a single cask from a long gone Japanese distillery, or bottled at cask strength after being matured in an obscure wine cask touched by the queen of Sheba, but I bet more people will ever be drinking this whisky than any of […]

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Tasting Johnnie Walker Double Black (finally…)

My first JW tasting notes on the blog. I was really looking for this one, not because i am a JW man, or that this one got amazing reviews. Nope. The reason for that is that JW double black was, and is the most searched term on the blog, and my previous post about its […]