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  1. Hello Gal,

    i am a whisky lover like you and i follow your website often. I have my own whisky and other spirits blog aswell, it is in Italian and quite known here in Italy, with more than 10k followers on Facebook. The website is . I was thinking to add your website to my friend sites list. Would you like that? Could be possible to have mine added to yours? I am planning to add English version soon and i would like to be vistited by foreign users. At the moment, i have many followers from abroad but, i know, it’s not the same thing when the website isn’t translated in English.

    I hope i haven’t bothered you. Please let me know and i will proceed. Of course, take a look on the website and let me know if you like it.


  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am in Jerusalem for several weeks and would like to find a store where I can purchase a bottle of Highland Park Dark Origins. Could you please suggest a place?

    Kind regards

  3. Hello
    I would like to order whiskey online and have it delivered to friends who live in Israel. Please can you recommend the best way?
    Thank you!

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