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[22 Oct 2015 | 2 Comments | ]
Compass Box – This is not a luxury Whisky

After yesterday’s Epic Flaming heart 15th anniversary edition, we come to review the second new creation of John Glaser (and Compass Box), which goes by the name of ‘This is not a luxury Whisky’.  This is really a witty word game based on the same notion as René Magritte’s  famous work “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (originally named : la …

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[19 Oct 2015 | No Comment | ]
Quick Review -The Antiquary 21 year old

The Antiquary is a line of blended whiskies produced by the Tomatin distillery. Its original lie some 150 years ago when John & William Hardie set to ‘create the perfect Blended Scotch’.  The name ‘Antiquary’ is taken from the famous Gothic novel written by Sir Walter Scott, redolent with family secrets, stories of hidden treasure and hopeless love. Recently the …

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[5 Oct 2015 | 4 Comments | ]
The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold

Another blended whisky, twice in a row? Yes, indeed. And why not? It is not a port Ellen, but it is something that most people buy, and that is what keeps Single malts in motion, Blended malts, we heart you (although we drink you only from time to time, which is a shame btw). So what’s new about this version …

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[4 Oct 2015 | 6 Comments | ]
Johnnie Walker Rye cask

Yea, you heard that right, Johnnie walker Rye cask finish, that is no mistake. Now , the guys at JW have been quite busy of late , with quite a few new editions (mostly the Duty free edition, with the Explorer’s club. This time we’re speaking about  another range called the “The select casks”.  The first installement has been finsihed …

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[24 Aug 2015 | No Comment | ]
Indian Whisky–Signature Rare Aged – review and notes

Just a few days ago I returned from a three-week long vacation in northern India (Himachal Pradesh), which was Fabulous. For me it was the first time in India, and I was really impressed with this amazing (yet different) country. One thing I knew before going there – There will not be a lot of whisky, or there will not …

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[31 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Label 5 “Gold Heritage” Blended Whisky- Review

Some people think I am a single malt snob. I am certainly not. I might have been biased against blends when I started my whisky journey 10 or so years ago, but I’ve grown older and smarter through the years. Yes, I do get to try some ultra rare expensive and old single malts, but I also get to try …

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[19 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Blended Glory : Cutty Sark 33 yo–’Art Deco’ edition – Review

Earlier this month (see your news edition) Cutty Sark, the well known Blended malt brand have released a very especial expression, called the Art Deco limited edition, aged 33 years old and presented in a very posh case with glasses and all. only 3,456 (nice number eh?) bottles were made, and each sold for a hefty £650. Not cheap at …

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[10 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Compass Box Great King Street – Glasgow Blend – Review

Time for another new release from Compass box, after the excellent Lost blend, this is a Blended whisky, rather than a Blended Malt (meaning it has some grain whisky as well as malt whisky as an ingredient).
GLASGOW BLEND is the second permanent whisky to be introduced to the Great King Street range , which is essentially a small-batch Blended Scotch …

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[15 Oct 2014 | One Comment | ]
Even More Hankey Bannister – the 40 year old

Yes, we’re coming to the end of our little journey through the HB range, and last but certainly not least its the oldest offering from the brand : the 40 year old blend. Old blends are something I really like, and I’ve had a few of those over the years (Black Bull 40 , The General from compass box to …

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[14 Oct 2014 | One Comment | ]
Hankey Bannister Time round 2 : the 25 year old

We’re moving up the Hankey Bannister core line after the Original and 12, we’re visiting the 25 year old, but before that, a bit of a history lesson, and information about the name, people and history behind HB…
Currently the HB brand is owned by Inverhouse distillers (the same guys who own Balblair,Old Pultney, AnCnoc, Speyburn), but originally it was founded …