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Why Should You Advertise on WhiskyIsrael?

  • Eyeball count – 1000’s of people read the blog daily.
  • Tasting notes and ratings for over 1,000 whiskies, including Scotch,Irish,Bourbon and world whiskies.
  • The Blog is independent, giving it more credibility .
  • Whisky comments and opinion that are independent.

What Makes WhiskyIsrael Stand Out?

  • Reviews are added almost daily- featuring new products, as well as osbcure whiskies.
  • International reader base – With key markets such as UK,USA,Germany,NL being the top readers.
  • Strong Jewish reader base – major US/UK cities, an audience you can not reach on other blogs.
  • One of the most well known whisky blogs – 4 years in a row featured in the “blogs to watch out by the malt Whisky yearbook.
A few advertising options are available (small banner, large banner, and text links)

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