Ledaig 2004 (The Daily Dram)

Ledaigs are usually a treat to taste, and this one’s no exception, lovely stuff at 15 years, with a nice farmy twist along the usual “dirty” profile.

Ledaig 2004 (The Daily Dram) , 55.9 % , ~ €90

Nose: Sweet smoke and rubber, oil, some farmy notes as well, actually quite a nice melange of farmy / car garage kind of aromas, with a nice malty sweetness in the background, a hint of wet dog, ash, vegetal notes as well.

Palate: very drinkable at almost 60%, starts off with an avalanche of pepper, soot, some leather, and more of the wet dog with lots of wood smoke, dirty engine oil, hessian, and more vegetal notes, distant peat embers. Classic stuff.

Finish: Ashes, smoke, burnt coals, toasted oak, vanilla and some dry grass.

Conclusion: Classy stuff, a brilliant example of what Ledaigs can aspire to. way to go. Love it.

Score: 90/100

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