Glenlivet 13 Sherry cask Sipil IL 5th Anniversary bottling {Signatory}

Sipil is the local importer for Signatory whisky, to Israel and for their 5th Anniversary as a Business, they have bottled a single cask Glenlivet for the local market. This whisky was distilled in April 2007 and bottled July 2020 making it 13 years old. Cask # 900261 yielded 786 bottles at 50.7%. The whisky is available only locally in Israel.

Glenlivet 13 (Signatory), Cask # 900261 , 50.7%, 340 ILS

Nose: This is quite sweet and the whisky does not feel like over 50% at all on the nose: the sherry influence is here all right but it’s not dense or overpowering, which is nice. We start with red berries, vanilla, old school sweets, banana peel, candied apples, and also a touch of ripe oranges and lemon zest with some sultanas in the backdrop, maybe fruit leather too, sour sherry wine notes appear after some time.
Palate:  The palate feels stronger than the nose suggests with a nice oily and mouthcoating feel, then more dried fruit sweetness and a mix of spicy notes, caramelized apple, fig, sultana, and date.  The sweet sherry plays the first fiddle here, but it’s more complex than just that with notes such as spices and blood orange marmalade,  and then some chili heat and chocolate note to form a nice ending.
Finish: Sweet dried fruit, caramel, spice, and some wood as well.

Conclusion: Highly drinkable, and very enjoyable, this is more than a sherry bomb mind you. Very good stuff and especially lovely for the winter season. A great example of a sherried Livet, on the lighter side, unlike some young Livet sherry bombs we’re seen been bottled under 10 years of age.

Score: 87/100

Available for 340 ILS from Sipil

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