Wolfburn No.155 Small batch

We’re continuing our series of new distilleries reviews, and this time we’ve gone to the most northerly distillery in mainland Scotland: Wolfburn.

Located at Thurso, the location was home to a distillery founded originally in 1821 and operating in the 19th century until it fell into disarray and turned to shambles. In 2011 planning was submited for a new distillery and in 2012 the distillery was build in 2012. The stills were built by the famous Forsyths of Rothes, and Shane Fraser joined from Gelanfarclas. 2013 saw the first distillation, and in 2014 the first peated Wolfburn spirit was laid down.

In 2016 ‘Northgland’ the first single malt is bottled on site and released, and the distillery keeps on epanding with the construction of warehouse No.3.

Currently Wolfburn distills 115,000 liters of Alc. per year, with one spirit still and one wash still. The 155 we’re about to try was matured for 5 years in ex-bourbon casks and finished on port casks.

Wolfburn 155 small batch rel. , 46% , £69.95

Nose:  Sweet and vinous with the port sweetness upfront, some brown sugar,  leafy, with some haystacks as well, fragrant with flower blossom and a fruity touch: mainly peach. More sweet notes of vanilla and toffee. Very nice for such a young whisky – no new make-ish notes, which is lovely.

Palate:  The palate is quite similar: rather fruity and sweet notes on the first wave of sensations, the port is dominant with sweet, and vinous notes along with spices: cinnamon, ginger, toasted oak, more fruit and a touch of chocolate and vanilla.

Finish : spices, wine tannins, red fruit , more oak, and a hint of dried fruit, quite dry.

Conclusion: A very enjoyable young whisky that is well made, and benefits from the Port finish. I Would have loved to see this one at a higher strength, though – it would score a few points higher I guess.

Score: 84/100

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