Springbank 2004 Gaja Barolo

I was going over my samples cabinet, and found quite a few samples I’ve never gotten to properly review. This is one of them: bottled in 2013 and distilled 2004 having been aged in Refill Bourbon and then in Fresh Gaja Barolo Finish, bottled at a nice 54.7 %. Can’t go wrong with this one, can we?

Springbank 2004 Gaja Barolo /54.7% / ~€160

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Nose: Dirty and salty on the get-go, with enough peat and SB funk, a lot of earth and soot with hints of fruit: some peach, melon and maybe berries/grapes – some citrus zest as well. There’s some wine-y sourness to it and even dry sherry notes. ( I know this is Barolo, not sherry, but nonetheless).

Palate: nice entry – wood fire and lots of peat on the palate – I like this! then the wine tannins kick in. Again earthy and sooty with coal, damp earth, and more smoke, most of the fruit is gone – save some orange zest. quite salty as well, and a mineral note as well.

Finish: quite long and peaty, with more soot, peat and orange marmalade on toasted bread.

Conclusion: I like this whisky very much. The Barolo cask did add some tannins and fruit notes, but It’s not overwhelming otherwise peaty and very earthy dram. Lovely combo. Big Like. A thoroughly enjoyable and complex young springer.

Score: 89/100

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