Compass Box ‘Transistor’

BoilerMaker. Yes, seems this is the word used for ‘a shot of whisky followed by a glass of beer as a chaser’. Did you know that? I did not, before diving into the Compass Box site to read about the making of this blended whisky.

So Transistor is meant to accompany beers, and especially Brewdog IPA in this case.
Working together with BrewDog’s Head of Distillation, Steven Kersley, CB have created a whisky to form the perfect boilermaker in union with BrewDog Punk IPA. Ok…

I used to like Punk IPA but lately i am not quite the fan, so I didn’t have one handy to chase it with… but I will try and review this one neat.

Compass Box Transistor , 43% / £42 (waitrose)

Nose:  Quite lovely with lots of vanilla goodness, bananas, butterscotch and stewed apricots along with baked apples, and hints of sultana sweetness balanced nicely by citrus notes and maybe some dough too, with some soft wood spices. quite light and very nice to nose… I like this.

Palate:  vanilla ice cream galore, with some marshmallow bits inside, very light body, relaxed. more of the butterscotch and maybe some butter cookies as well, coconut and wood spice with zingy ginger and clove, candied orange peel and nice cocoa, bitter wood as we progress.

Finish:  spicy, with cinnamon, ginger and marzipan / almonds and some wood.

Conclusion: I had little expectations from this one (not sure why), but for what it is, It’s actually very nice. Don’t expect to be blown off, but certainly a light, fruity, vanilla driven dram, that would go lovely neat, or indeed accompany beer just as well (be it Punk IPA or others). Nice one CB!

Score: 84/100

If you’re in the UK you can grab a bottle of this at Waitrose..

Cheers Phil !

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