Blended Scotch 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign Exclusive {TWB}

This old Blended Scotch whisky contains whisky that comes from more than one distillery. Furthermore it may contain both malt and grain whiskies. This exclusive 45 year old 1973 vintage Sovereign is a blend of grain and malt whiskies from unknown Scottish distilleries.

The Blended Scotch 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign was matured in a bourbon barrel cask #15894 and bottled in March 2019 by Hunter Laing & Co as an exclusive Limited Edition for, yielding 300 bottles.

Blended Scotch 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign Exclusive {TWB}, 51%, $250

Nose: Lovely deep notes of dried fruit, mostly sultanas and figs, along with old leather sofas, rich vanilla, and cherry marmalade, some old wooden shelves, a touch of ripe oranges, and a candied peel, hints of strawberry sorbet.

Palate: Lovely sweet and rich, with the old grain giving it a nice vanilla cream sweetness, warm wood, some concentrated coconut milk, quite chocolatey and sweet, with the dried fruit from the nose also quite noticeable here: raisins, figs, and date, more ripe red fruit, berries and a bitter toasted note as well, with the wood taking over at the very end, cocoa powder and cherry cobbler, among some dried prunes. Very rich, complex and lovely.

Finish: Chocolate, sultana, toasted oak, and vanilla with orange marmalade and bitter dark chocolate.

Conclusion: This is an excellent example of a great old blended whisky. Complex, and lovely with the grain and malt playing together masterfully. Lovely stuff. Good blending by H.Laing! Highly recommended.

Score: 90/100

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