Royal Lochnagar distillery exclusive

Late last year, Royal Lochnagar distillery has released a limited-edition Single Malt Scotch whisky, exclusively available to purchase at the Highland distillery from the end of 2019. The whisky was aged in European oak and refill casks. With just 5,004 bottles available, Royal Lochnagar 2019 Distillery Exclusive retails at RSP £85 per 70cl and bottled at 48% ABV.

Famous for its historic royal warrants and its outstanding flavor, Royal Lochnagar whisky owes both to an incredible location. This small craft distillery sits one mile from the Royal Family’s Balmoral Castle, at the foot of the Cairngorm mountains. Royal Lochnagar combines the crystal-clear water of the Scarnock Springs and malted barley to create a golden and delicious Highland Single Malt Scotch. With a production capacity of just 450,000 liters.

Royal Lochnagar Distillery Exclusive, 48%, £85

Nose:  Quite fresh and zesty with citrus fruit, lemony with spices, granny smith apples, and wood, a bit of a nutty side to it as well, with lemon pie in the backdrop as well as vanilla custard and creme Anglaise, feels like a summer lemon orchard to me, with a hint of fresh-cut grass.

Palate:  More of the same with a nice sweet entry that gives way to more of the green apples, and semi-ripe pears, there’s more vanilla wood, and wood spices, some caramel candy, and candied ginger note as well, with time the spices die, leaving mostly sweet orchard fruit and apple.

Finish: wood, apple peel, sugared pastries, and more orchard fruit, hints of apple schnapps.

Conclusion: A very fresh, zesty and lemony dram, with a nice vanilla touch. Quite a nice sipper for a summer evening. If you’re in the distillery, this is a nice bottle to remind yourself of the visit. Nice, but not extraordinary in any way.

Score: 85/100

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