Wemyss Malts Nectar Grove Batch Strength

Nectar Grove Batch Strength 001 is a limited Blended malt edition of 8,100 bottles. Created from 2 Highland single malts with fruity and nutty flavors that when combined and finished for 8 months in Madeira wine casks and then bottled at 54% abv.

Nectar Grove Batch Strength, 54% abv, £50

Nose : Sweet and fruity, with stewed peaches, red apples, tinned apricots in syrup on top of sweet pasties, maybe scones, with sugary frosting. further nosing reveals cinnamon rolls, a touch of honey and a hint of wood. quite fragrant, and very approachable at 54% which is nice.

Palate:  very nice mouthfeel, with fruit, and spice, much more vinous than the nose: apple, sweet melon, and apricots in sweet juicy syrup, wine tannins atop vanilla custards and maybe some vanilla ice, more of the sweet dough cookies/pastries as we’ve seen in the nose, with more apple peel, some pepper and chili as well, then getting more tart with the wine overtaking.

Finish: earthy, spicy with fruit marmalade, prune jam and chili flakes, the wine a bit cloying.

Conclusion: A very good blended malt indeed, with quite a lot of fruity and sugary/juicy notes, the tannins are just well integrated. Enjoyable daily dram, at a fair price.

Score : 85/100

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