Black Friday Whisky 2019 edition (The Whisky Exchange)

The Whisky Exchange are doing it again this year, with a special black bottle ‘Black Friday’ whisky. The previous 2 editions (reviewed here and here) were very good and extremely good VFM, and this year’s edition is no different…

Like previous editions, TWE is not disclosing the actual distillery the malt is coming from but they make it very easy to guess which one it is… This year’s BF edition was distilled in an undisclosed distillery “Founded as early as 1810, located between Forres and Elgin and rarely seen as a single malt whisky”.

If you take a look at the Whisky map, and a short google session, it’s quite clear we’re speaking about Glenburgie here… So, a 21 year old Cask Strength Burgie at 80 quid? This is bound to sell fast.

Well, it sure did. I was sure it sold out after 9 minutes, at 06:09 AM (GMT) but as it happens after some time a few 100 more bottles were added to the inventory, and you could get hold of a bottle within a couple of hours.

So, without further ado, lets review this beauty.

Black Friday 2019, 21 yo , 53.1% , SOLD OUT

Nose: Quite fruity and light, with exotic fruit salad : Melon, Papaya , guava and mango, all sitting on a fluffy Crème Catalan base. Vanilla ice, icing sugar, white chocolate and apple peel. light and fragrant, not a lot of wood at all, but slightly waxy, which adds a nice twist.

Palate: If you thought the nose was fruity, wait for the palate : an avalanche of lovely fruits, with red grapefruit up front and more of the exotics : mango, guava and quite some ripe pink lady apples which give way to a lot of spice. pepper, mint, and spicy cinnamon gum / ginger and some polished oak.

Finish: oak, apple pies, Crème Anglaise and cocoa.

Conclusion: Excellent stuff, if you’re a fan of exotic fruit nose/ palate and light fruity / spicy profile, you’re in for a lot of fun. At under 80 quid this is a steal, and no wonder it is sold out. Excellent work there guys, whomever picked the casks – way to go . At this price, I am glad i bought two.

Score: 91/100

Happy #BlackFriday all!

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