Imperial 23 yo (TWE for the whisky show 2019)

After the young and excellent Caol Ila 9 sherry cask, Its a time for a change of pace with this very different Imperial bottling. The whisky has been aged for 23 long years in an inactive cask letting the distillery fruity profile to shine. Will this satisfy my craving for polished wood ? Let’s have a closer look.

Imperial 23 yo (for the whisky show 2019) , 45.2% , £165

Nose:  Summer-y and light, with Key Lime Pies, Lemon meringues, and more lemony sherbets with lots of lime zest, candied pecans, and lovely older wood feeling to it, I adore this wood profile needless to say…  It needs time, and then reveals more layers , a bit leafy with subdued wood spice.

Palate: Lovely sweet entry, with sugared nuts and almonds, candied pecans, hints of all spice and cinnamon , old wood and more zesty lemon drops, and hints of dark chocolate and bitter wood.

Finish: medium long with bitter toasted oak, polished oak benches, and a hint of lemon pie.

Conclusion: Yet another lovely whisky. On the first session the polished wood really stood out , but on the 2nd tasting session I held, the lemony zesty, pie was dominating, with the wood backing it up nicely. This is a dram that needs time , It’s a bit more challenging than the Caol Ila. It’s gentler, with the lighter ABV, but very rewarding once you give it time. Very nice Autumnal dram, If you are a fan of lemon meringues and like a nice polished wood note as well, you’re going to have loads of fun with this one. A tad more expensive (and older too, i know), but again, a very good choice, showcasing a very different wood and spirit type.

Score: 88/100

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