The Duchess 20 yo Guyana Armagnac Finish Cask #27

Time for another #Rum review, this time from the Diamond distillery in Guyana. What’s interesting about this one is that it has been finished in an Armagnac cask for 8 years… quite a long finish.

This rum has been distilled in a wooden Coffey still at the Diamond distillery – yes, you heard right – a wooden Coffey still, those indeed exist in the wonderful and bizarre world of Rum.

Enmore wooden Coffey still

Let’s get tasting…

The Duchess 20 yo Guyana Armagnac Finish Cask 27 ,50.8% 1998, € 95,00

Nose: very nice entry with soft grape notes, vanilla and a hint of apple and white wine. further nosing reveals sweeter notes of Sultana, boiled sweets and maybe a hint of flower petals. quite nice and not very Rum-y if you ask me – the 8 long years of Armagnac finish did affect the liquid quite profoundly, if i might say so.

Palate : more grape and desert wine, hint of orange peel, grapefruit pith, Sultana and and more orange marmalade. 

Finish : grape, orange peel, icing sugar 

A very nice Rum this one is. Quite different, with a lot of grape and wine, notes. Highly drinkable stuff, very likable even if you’re not a die hard Rum sipper.

Still available from Best of Whiskies for € 95

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