Kill Devil Bellevue Rum 20 yo 1998/2019 {TWB exclusive}

Time for some more Rum, this time from the Damoiseau distillery located at Grande-Terre (the main Island of Guadaloupe). The Rum is made from molasses.

This rum was distilled in March 1998 and bottled in late 2018 making it a 20-year-old rum. It was produced on a column still, bottled at cask strength of 58.6% for a total of 243 bottles all in all. As it turns out TWB have bottled another sister cask which is almost the same in every param but a slightly higher abv of 58.8.

Kill Devil Bellevue Rum 20 yo, 58.6% , £129

Nose:  This is nice stuff, quite big and heavy in style… hints of smoke, tar, and rubber tires, and latex , pepper, licorice and black tea, with and water there’s also a nice fruity side to it mostly ripe black fruit, almost jam-like, blackcurrant, extra ripe black cherries, green banana, and very nice wood spice as well. intense, thick and fragrant with a ‘dirty’ side to it.

Palate: oily, sweet and thick from the get-go , mint and pepper, but also sweet and fruity with sultana, date, plums, vanilla, and nice woody backbone to balance all this, there’s a nice smoky edge to it as well, bananas and chilly flakes, burnt sugar and a hint of rubber , licorice.

Finish: Medium-long with pepper, smoke, rubber sultana, dry oak.

Bottom line: Superb stuff. This is a great rum, with so many layers, so much is going on here, you can spend a nice cool night with this one sniffing and sipping. The rubber / smoke / fruit / wood work well together. Highly recommended!

Still available on TWB site, grab one. it’s good.

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