Jameson 18 Bow street Irish whiskey Batch #2

After liking the first batch of this superb blended Irish whiskey some months ago (check out this post) It’s time for Batch #2 . Again, Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Old Cask Strength – Batch 2 (55.1% ABV) is made by blending pot still and grain whiskeys, which were matured for 18 years in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, before being married together in first fill ex-bourbon casks. The casks were then left to mature for a further 12 months, in the tiny Maturation House at the Jameson Distillery Bow Street (this is why they are called Bow street whisky, got it?). This is a luxury whisky and is priced as such (circa €240). What was cool this time is that Jameson sent over a box with Batch #1, Batch #2 and the ‘regular’ 18 year old with an assortment of cheeses to match with each, a jolly fine idea!

Shall we have a wee taste?

Jameson Bow street Whiskey , 18 yo , 55.1% abv , €240

Nose: Deep and sweet with luscious toffee, Muscovado sugar, rich vanilla, and nice spices, with a big woody backbone, that balances the sweetness nicely : Rich and thick – a nose you can really enjoy for quite some time.

Palate: Oily and mouth coating with spices and oak up front, quite nutty and toffee’d as well, with the sherry sweetness and an earthy tone as well. Some citrus peel (ripe orange mostly), and more caramel candy, sweet butterd popcorn, pepper and oak. With water it is not as sweet, and the earthy notes / nuts / leather are amplified.

Finish : Toasted oak, chocolate, sweet sherry and toffee, wood bark.

Conclusion: This is a great example of an excellent blended Irish whiskey. At 18 years of age, and at Cask strength, It leaves many scotch whiskies in the dust. Not cheap though, but you’re getting a lot of whisky at 55.1% abv. Highly recommended if you can afford one. It’s hard to say which batch I prefer, one or two, but you can not go wrong with either. Impressive.

Score: 89/100

Available from August 2019

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