Worthy Park 12 yo [The Duchess] Cask #4

Another single cask Rum from one of our favorite small Indie bottler – The Duchess – the Rum label managed by my good Dutch friend Nils. After the lovely FourSquare 13 yo I reviewed a few months back , we’re off to Jamaica and Worthy Park, one of best distilleries operating there now..

Worthy Park , 12yo cask #4 ,57.9% 2006 , € 65

Nose: sweet overripe exotic fruit, mainly pineapple and mango with some orange cantaloupe and bananas. But the fruity notes are just the prequel to lovely wood varnish, earthy notes and wet dunnage floors,and wait! Some smoke? I think so. 
Palate: big and sharp, with olive brine, feels a little winey with some tannins, and grape pith, almost grappa like. This is rum right? Well it is and there’s some sweet molasses touches as well,licorice and burnt sugar, rubber? 
Finish: more grape peel, chacha (Georgian grappa ), wood and molasses.

Conclusion: Lovely stuff once more, this one combines tropical fruit, with lovely wood notes, polished oak and grappa like qualities. Complex, Fun and drinkable, and also very affordable. Highly recommended.

Available online (Best of Wines) for € 65

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