Ben Nevis 21 year old ‘Past Future’ [TWE]

After reviewing the two first ‘future of whisky’ releases by TWE for the whisky show, its time to review the last – the 21-year-old Ben Nevis.. Now, Ben Nevis distillery is everything but a sexy distillery, but it has really become a very popular distillery in some circles , mostly  the whisky lovers and nerds’ , with some very good IBs popping over, and the 10-year-old OB which is not bad at all. Another one you say? Why not?
Nose:  Actually not what i was thinking of when i read ‘sherry cask’. it’s not heavily sherried, more a fruity edge to it. first of all you get apples, baked apples, more like sweet apple sauce, but not only that… there’s also some poached pears, more vanilla, wood and some nutmeg / clove and a hint of sweet dough, .and also some older wood notes, and some old books in a 2nd hand book shop. certainly not your sherry bomb, no dried fruit, none of that. But, that’s not bad, is it? it’s quite a lovely nose indeed.
Palate  : lovely, sweet and savory, with more apple / peat and sweeter syrupy goodness, some tropical fruity candy (pineapple, mango) , and a good balance of wood spices. creamy vanilla as well with a dusty touch at times, cardboard, or again the old paperbacks, pepper and anise.
Finish: dry wood, minty after 8 treats, and some pepper and more wood.


This is a great whisky, although not the big sherried dram I was (for some reason, not sure why) expecting. It’s complex, it’s well balanced, lovely wood influence, fruity and sweet, with a nice savory touch, a whisky that needs to unravel itself before you an fully enjoy it, No doubt. Sadly not a lot of bottles were available, and looks as if it sold out already (while the others are still available).

Score: 89/100

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