Rosebank 25 yo Cadenhead’s 175 anniversary bottling

We come to the second Cadenhead’s 175th Anniversary bottling, after the lovely, Littlemill which took some time to reveal its secrets, and this one’s completely different, It’s bold and fruity and its wonders are exposed easily, just sniff. Rosebank…  It’s always nice to come by a dram from a closed distillery, let a lone a Rose Bank, and this one’s extremely nice and fruity, as it should be. So, without further ado, let’s dram.

Rosebank 25 Cadenhead’s 175, 50.5% abv 

Nose : this one’s fruity and sweet from the get go : no need to give it time,no work needed as it’s an ‘in your face’ fruit salad,honey and other goodness sort of dram… On first whiff you can find overripe bananas, cherub honey  ( you know  what drips when you squeeze those cherubs),cantaloupe and red apples as well as tinned pineapple. If you really inhale hard, some old vinegar notes arise.
Palate : big sweet and spicy entry, with peppery notes,which subside to reveal all those sweet fruity notes from the palate, with an added chocolate-y note,and overripe blood oranges on top of the exotic fruit.
Finish : fruit, cherub honey. Rewarding.

Bottom line:

Give me a dram of this every day and I’m a happy camper. This is rich, fruity and lovely. great stuff all around.

Score: 90/100

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