Littlemill 1991 – Cadenhead’s 175h Anniversary edition

Cadenhead’s one of the best Independent bottlers, have been bottling whisky since 1842, and thus, turned 175 years old last year (2017). If you’re a whisky geek there’s no way you have not heard and/or tried one of their lovely bottlings, as they remain one of the very best out there. One more thing which is cool about Cadenhead’s is that they bottle whisky for drinking, and not for collection, as they will bottle a 40 year old Convalmore or an 10 year old Springbank inside the same bottle, with the same generic label, and since they are sitting on top stock which is maturing in their warehouses, they enable us to enjoy top drams, and pay for the whisky rather than the packaging.

At any rate, 175th anniversary is hardily an event they could not celebrate, and for that purpose they bottled a series of very very good whiskies (1991 Littlemill and Rosebank , 1976 Banff, 1977 Convalmore, 1977 Caperdonich , and even a 1996 Heaven Hill whiskey from the USA). Our good whisky friend Assaf, was kind enough to get hold of all those, and organize a lovely tasting held at the M&H distillery in Tel Aviv, and I could not resist tasting this amazing lineup of whiskies some of which are not cheap, and most were very hard to get and sold out quickly (so, thanks Assaf for doing this!).

Quite some time has passed, but I have my notes and gladly i was able to keep some samples of a few of the whiskies I could not finish that night…. I will be starting with a review of the 1991 LittleMilll, and then follow with the RoseBank.

Littlemill 1991 – Cadenhead’s 175h Anniversary edition , 52.6% abv 

Nose: quite mineral and grassy at first, a bit dusty too if I might say so..  I was expecting some fruit, and those do appear but not right away, you need to ‘work’, to get to those. Some time in the glass will help of course, and some nectarines will show up, as long with hints of vanilla, and some pine resin,as well as kumquat too,damp warehouses come to mind as well. 
Palate : quite different than the nose, and more fruity indeed, as I was happy to discover. Unripe banana, green mango, and rose petals which give it a nice twist, then the bitter wood notes balance it nicely. 
Finish: a perfumed finish on the verge of fwp almost.. Tangerine and more rose water. 


A very nice Littlemill, which takes to ‘open up’ as to speak, a very nice start to the tasting, although far from my favorite dram of the evening.

Score: 88/100

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    1. FWP stands for French Whore Perfume. it’s an aroma / smell that you can find in some whiskies, mostly in 1980’s Bowmore.

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