Amrut Port Pipe Peated LMDW Cask # 2713

Back on the whisky wagon after I took some time off whisky during Passover (in which it’s customary not to drink whisky, and other grain distillates). Not that I was thirsty for liquid.. I experimented with some nice Armagnac, Rum and Beer… Some notes taken, and maybe a few posts in the future, If i feel like it.
This whisky However was given to me by a whisky friend (thank you Ori), who wanted me to taste and review… A peated Amrut in Port pipes, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It’s a bottling for the well-known french whisky shop LMDW (La Maison Du Whisky). Not much information about this one, save the cask type and number, bottled at a hefty Cs of 62,8% !

Amrut Port Pipe Peated LMDW Cask # 2713 , 62,8% , €189

Nose:  A nice sweet / ashy profile, red fruit, and berry marmalade with whiffs of smoke, old school boiled sweet candy,  camphor and a bit mineral as well, the peat is quite subdued on the nose, with some hints of tobacco and peppery/gingery spiciness.
Palate: Certainly peaty on the palate, with a big initial attack , pepper and sweet cinnamon heat. Getting sweeter with time, with the port kicking in, some wine tannins, sweet ash and some soot intertwined with the red fruit marmalade, chocolate and  a peaty reek, quite big and full of bold flavors, this one, but not overly complex.
Finish: More herbal towards the end, with a note of apricot and ash.

Bottom Line:

This is a big bold whisky, with the peat giving it a nice touch, working well with the port. It’s good, but for me it’s not great, as it’s not very complex. Having said that, it’s very enjoyable, and will work wonders on a cold rainy night, if you’re a fan of Port Casks maturation. I am not the biggest fan of that Obviously, but if you are, and you have some money to spare (180 EUR is not cheap, even in today’s whisky climate), it might be for you.

Score: 87/100

Cheers Ori.

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