Two Single Grains – 10th Anniversary bottlings by Whisky Barrel

Along with the brilliant Glenlivet 11 I reviewed last week, TWB have bottled two older single grains (bottled actually by Hunter Laing, but exclusively for TWB). The first of which is a 3o year old from Dumbarton grain distillery. Dumbarton distillery was a single grain distillery in Dumbartonshire built in the 1930s. It closed in 2002. The distillery is now demolished. This one  was aged in a Single cask refill barrel #14247 distilled March 1987 and bottled September 2017 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Sovereign series, bottled at cask strength of 55.3%. Interesting..

Dumbarton 30 yo, single grain,  #14247  , 55.3%, £91

Nose: Quite fresh and light for a 30 year old whisky, not a lot of wood influence over here. Starting with lemon and vanilla, a whiff of nail remover, and some icing sugar. Not a lot going on here. 

Palate: A bit sweeter with more vanilla, citrus and wood, shortbread , and a certain saltines. 
Finish: Sweet, salty and tangy, wood, a bit dry.

In Short:

Not quite what I was expecting from a 30 year old grain. It’s not very complex, and the nose is rather light. Hoping the 44 year old Carsebridge will improve on that.

Score: 82/100

The second single grain is a 44 year old Carsebridge – Carsebridge distillery in Alloa was the largest grain distillery in Scotland by 1980 but it closed in 1983 and was the demolished in 1992. All that is left of the distillery are a few casks in warehouses across Scotland… Let’s try and discover what secrets this one holds..

 Carsebridge 44 yo, 1973 , Refill Hogshead #14189 , 50.9% , £148 

Nose: quite nicer this one, with some varnish / acetone , lovely sweet wood, and vanilla, some green fruit, fresh yet sweet-ish, wee honeyed note…


Palate: The palate is very nice, sweet and creamy, with more wood and a tropical edge  (kiwi, lychee), which is fantastic, golden syrup and wood spices, coconut. This is much better !


Finish: Pepper, more tropical fruit, wood and chocolate.

In Short:

Very nice stuff, this is more like it. 44 years and it shows. Good stuff, and I totally like it, although not sure I like the pricing. but for a 44 year old whisky, 150 quid is not that bad… right?

Score: 86/100

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