Octomore 7.1 – Review

After the triple 8.x Octomore review of yesterweek , It’s time to review the 7.1 which for some reason I’ve not written notes for until now. A good excuse is the import of this expression into Israel- The first EVER Octomore to arrive to Israeli shops, as a regularly  imported whisky. It’s about time, Isn’t it?

At any rate, Octomore 7.1 is made from Barley grown on the mainland (not quite Octomore farm as one would come to think), peated to 208 PPM and bottled at 59.5% after a 5-year aging period in American Oak. 5 years may sound to young to some, but this is the age in which peat monsters shine, before the peat starts to break down with aging, So the perfect point some would say for the Octomore, which is supposed to make any peat freak smile.

Octomores are bottled in batches (this is the major number here: 7) while the minor after the decimal point indicates the wood variation, .1 means ex-bourbon while .2 means some wine cask etc.

Ok, enough talk, let’s taste some , shall we?


Octomore 7.1 Scottish Barley, 59.5% abv , £100

Nose: This is an Octomore alright – big lactic nose on this one, with condensed milk , some sweet dessert cheese, lemon rind, tobacco smoke and quite a lot of creamy vanilla. there’s some black pepper, as well, and fruit – mainly tinned peaches, fresh pears, and sweet cereals. Smoky and peaty of course, but also vanilla like, and quite sweet at times, a pinch of sea spray as well.

Palate: Quite fierce on the palate without H2O, but enjoyable at any rate. Peppery attack at first, which subsides, adding vanilla and creamier notes, lemon, more sea spray, tar and sweet pastries with vanilla notes (think of Pastel de Nata – the Portuguese dish). lovely, and quite complex for its tender age of 5.

Finish: Nice sweet, salty interplay, with hot cinnamon and black pepper, with a vanilla edge.

Bottom line:

All in all this is a very good Octomore Indeed. Love the creamy sweet vanilla cakes, with the touch of salt and tar, pepper and cinnamon. Good stuff indeed, and if you’re fond of big peaty goodness, and fancy a good dram, and don’t mind paying a premium , this is a good option. Got to have one in any bar. One’s enough tho.

Score: 88/100



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