Douglas Laing Rock Oyster 18 yo

I have reviewed the younger NAS Rock Oyster, and Rock Oyster CS earlier last year, and it’s time to review the latest addition (although not quite new) to the RO family, an 18 year old expression, the first RO to bear age. I quite like the regular RO, while the CS is a bit ‘too young’ IMHO, but this one’s a different story alright. It’s bottled at 46.8% and bears a price tag of £89, which is not very cheap, but given the age, and the current pricing climate for whisky… It’s also a recent addition to the D.Laing range imported to Israel by Sipil the local importer and distributor.

Rock Oyster 19, 46.8% , £89 

Nose: Quite gentle, with a whiff of smoke, sea-spray (it’s a maritime mix of malts, from the Islands after all), gentle brine, and black pepper, and some oak which gives away the actual age of this, and it’s quite nice. gentle but still complex.

Palate: The palate is more powerful than the nose suggested: quite a lot of fresh ground black pepper, earthy peat, and smoke. Some hints of tobacco boxes, salty caramel, vanilla custard, more pepper and oak.

Finish: lovely smoke, earthy peat, vanilla and pepper.


This is quite a nice dram indeed, it’s gentle at times, but also packs a nice peppery punch. Very good and a tadf better than it’s youthful brethren. A worthy blended malt with decent age on it. Well done.

Score:  86/100


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