Kavalan 2007 peaty cask TWE Exclusive cask #R070507029 – review

Another Exclusive Kavalan from TWE? yes please! the last one i reviewed some months ago was pretty awesome ( have a look here) . A peaty Kavalan you say? that’s a first for me anyways. It’s not your average Kavalan but recently we’ve seen a few of those peaty ones go on sale (LMDW etc). The peaty entry in Kavalan’s range used to be only available to buy at the Taiwanese distillery, but recently, some single casks have been bottled exclusively for retailers around the world. As peat is not available in Taiwan ( locally), the single malt is instead aged in casks which used to hold Islay whisky, which as we all know, tends to be peaty… (mostly). As Kavalans go, this is relatively young, but not very (9 years of age!), there are only 104 bottles. Off we go!

Kavalan 2007 peaty cask TWE Exclusive cask #29 , 52.4% , £150

Nose: light earthy peat below a veil of vanilla, old style toffee, fruity as well with tinned peaches and a touch of caramelised pineapple in sweet nectar. a nice take on the exotic profile of Kavalans with the peat adding another dimension. loving it. Very nice stuff
Palate : mmm.. Lots of pepper, heat and ash up front with the peat leading the way , giving way to wood spice on the 2nd wave of sensations: cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of star anise too. Getting dry and wee fruity mostly on Apple strudel, caramel and wood char and flambee fruit in  calvados,then some earthy tones.
Finish : yummy wooden benches, orange peel, ash and creme Brule.
Excellent stuff, quite a bit of wood for a 9 year old whisky (in a good way), the fruit and peat, all mix wonderfully well. Delicious, big, and complex. One of the best Kavalans I’ve had to date, and a nice one at that without the sherry masking the notes.
It’s quite expensive for what it is, but it’s well worth the money IMHO. seriously thinking of getting one.

Score: 92/100

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