More Single Malts of Scotland : Two 17 year olds

Today we’re visiting two more expressions from the latest batch of  SMOS (the sister company of TWE) : Two 17 year old casks from two very different distilleries : Miltonduff and Glenburgie.

You don’t see a lot of Miltonduff being bottled as single malt, as most of it goes into the very popular Ballantine’s blend, so happy to try one of the casks.

Miltonduff 1999, 17 yo cask # 5012 , 54.8% , £80.65 (TWE)

Nose : Orange zest and waxy notes up front. Mint and more freshly cut oranges mixed with fresh apples and a hint of strawberry sherbet.
Palate : Lemongrass and pepper. More lemon zest and damp wood. Vanilla and Sugar icing. Bitter cocoa and more waxy notes.
Finish :Bitter sweet, roasted almonds , and more lemon/citrus infused curd.
Quite interesting and zesty with a surprising waxy edge, Although nothing spectacular over here.

Score: 85/100


Glenburgie 17 cask 9914 , 54.1% , Sold out

Nose: Earthy and sweet with apple pie,some marzipan and dare I say a hint of FWP? This isn’t a Bowmore but… Some more sweet golden syrup with a Wee touch of pepper and chilly too, balanced by toffee and some vanilla custard.
Palate: Pepper and chilly up front turning into a touch of exotic fruit mostly on red grapefruit.. coconut,chocolate and bitter dark chocolate and toasted coffee Beans, icing sugar and some vanilla creaminess. 
Finish: Salted almonds, pepper  chocolate and burnt toffee. 

A FWP infused Glenburgie? haha. Interesting, and if you’re a fan of that style (although it’s not too overpowering) – This one’s for you!

Score: 84/100


Two very enjoyable single casks, but not my favorite two of the range.

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