Glen Grant 18 Year Old Rare Edition

Glen Grant for me is synonomous with great old whisky, as it ages exceptionally well for long periods of time. I was able to enjoy  quit a few outstanding old G.Grants ( such as the amazing 1954 G&M edition  , the even older 1950 G&M edition i was fortunate to try  as well as the 1948 vintage by the same G&M…) , that left me with a big smile.  But how does younger G.Grant feels like? Previous editions of young NAS, or young age statement expressions were not quite that special. This new 18 year old , was released last June, with a new 5 yo, 10, 12, 12 NCF edition, all with shiny new bottling that look a bit different, and more contemporary than older expressions of Glen Grant. I quite like the new design, but I know some people are fond of the old look… At any rate, this 18 year old is bottled  at 43% , and has received some good feedback from Jimbo , not that it means anything to me. on the contrary.

Nose : Light and quite fresh for an 18 yo with crisp red apple,  honey, dough hints of wood,  and also a sour note..  Not a lot of wood influence at all.
Palate : Starts quite sweet with apple peel and milk chocolate,  cocoa and a bit of pepper.salty toffee,  vanilla and some more chocolate,almonds and nuts. Again not a lot of wood.
Finish : Creamy buttery and chocolate-y.
This is a not a bad dram , it’s quite creamy, chocolate-y and easy to drink, however, I have higher expectations from an 18 year old whisky, and if I compare it to similar aged whiskies, I find it lacks complexity, and enough wood influence. I will stick to older G.Grant (Those i can afford) so it seems. I’ve yet to try the new 12 year old, and will be posting my notes for the younger expressions very soon.

Score: 83/100

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