A Duo of Springbank 12 Cask Strength

Springbank 12 Cask Strength is has been around since 2010, and is regarded by many (and rightfully so) as an excellent CS Springbank at that age, packed  as Springbank are releasing one or two batches per year. The current 2016 release was Batch 13 release last August. I decided to compare two such batches from different vintages so to speak, one from batch 10, and one from 2015 and one from 2012, just to see how batches vary. I’ve got a few more batches to taste, but I am not sure I will compare them H2H, unless I see people asking for that (might be a bit boring to have a verticale of 6 12 CS..)

Springbank 12 CS , Batch 10 , 2015 , 53.2% 

Nose: Dirty and a bit farmy too, with wet hay, leaves and more wet cardboard. Leather and brine as well, earthy peat, vanilla and citrus peel. Rich and bold. Dirty like we love them…
Palate: Wham. Initially peppery, spice yet sweet and honeyed at the same time. Salt,brine (think pickle brine), more lemon and chilly with a touch of peat smoke. Again that dirty feeling, not very complex but focused. 
Finish : Ash,bitter sweet cocoa, wood. 

Score: 89/100

Springbank 12 CS , Batch 5, 2012 , 52.2%

Nose: Not as sharp as the previous batch, with a mossy touch . A bit farmy too but feels creamier and milder. More ripe oranges with smoke… There’s the dirty sulfur too
Palate: Earthy peat, leather, milk chocolate, salt, and a nice fruity touch. Clove and oak. 
Finish: Smoke,ash and chocolate, drying. 

Score: 87/100


Very good stuff at (used to be) very good prices. The essence of Springbank, at a lovely strength. I can definerly recommend any of the batches, which is your favorite will greatly vary according to your own palate / nose, and preferences, but you can not go wrong with any of those.



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