Ledaig 11 yo – ‘Time’ Series IV (The Whisky Exchange)

I’m continuing the review of the new expressions released by The Whisky Exchange in their ‘Time’ Series. Following the 15 year old ‘Family owned distillery‘, this is a younger, Ledaig bottled at 48% , and priced under 60 quid. I will always have a warm spot for Ledaigs , I like their peaty profile, and when I started drinking peated whisky, NAS Ledaig was one of my daily drams. Let’s take a look at this one:

Ledaig 11 yo  – TWE ‘Time’ Series IV  , 48 % abv , £54.95ldaig_twe

Nose: a lovely briny note, green olives, with a sweet malty backbone which Balances the sea salt quite nicely. Some white pepper and a certain perfume quality as well. 
Palate : not as sweet as the nose, with the same briny notes, the green olives, Salty and reminds me a bit of Manzanilla  sherry on first sip. The barley sugars arrive at some time with pear drops and some fresh apple peel,bitter ash and some oak.
Finish : bitter chocolate ,brine, olives, soot. 
A very enjoyable Ledaig, a nice combo of brine, olives, and some malty sweetness. A lovely aperitif.

Score: 84/100

2 thoughts on “Ledaig 11 yo – ‘Time’ Series IV (The Whisky Exchange)

  1. I got the same notes and gave the same score! Haha Good to know other people get the same flavours sometimes. Lots of olives and brine on this one.

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