Elements Of Islay – Ln1

The last (but not least) of the Elements in this batch  is yet another first, Ln1. Like the Ma1, this is just another line of peated whiskies from Bruichladdich. As you well know Bruichladdich bottle a few lines of whiskies: Starting from the ‘unpeated’ Bruichladdich , the heavily peated ‘Port Charlotte’ line (~40 ppm) , and the Ultra peated Octomore (over 100 ppm) The Lochindaal  is something in the middle peated to ~50 ppm, so essentially we’re talking a peatier Port Charlotte , if you may.  I love me some peat from time to time, so let’s get sniffing:

Elements of Islay , Ln1 , NAS, 62.5% abv , (sold out?!) elem_ln1

Nose : certainly does feel like it’s been distilled in Bruichladdich.  That lactic hint is here and it’s very pronounced, I quite like it. Mint and anti cold lozenges as well as nicely done peat reek, and quite a few farmy notes, that are balanced by a sweet golden syrup like quality. It opens nicely with water.

Palate : nice sweet entry,  creamy vanilla and sweet woody undertones…  Peat and soot galore,  with chillies, cut grass and even some chocolate praline, sprinkled with Atlantic salt.
Finish : lingering peat,  vanilla and wood with a sooty edge.
This is a lovely peated whisky, it’s got the Bruichladdich DNA alright (lactic/baby vomit notes) from first sniff, which is good if you’re a fan, and not as good if you’re not fond of these very unique laddie nodes. Big bodied, spicy, sweet and it has a lovely peaty/ farmy reek. Good one indeed. They seem to be sold out on the TWE site, but if you can source them elsewhere, it’s a good dram. Recommended.

Score: 88/100

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