Benromach 1974 single cask

A few weeks ago Benromach released their latest single cask bottling, a 1974 vintage , matured in a sherry butt and bottled at 49.1% abv. As you can imagine this is quite a limited release with 452  bottles, and exclusivity does not come cheap: this time around £1,200. This is only a few years older than the excellent 35 yo (review here), but being a single cask and older costs 3 times as much or so. How will it compare to its younger sibling? let’s dram.

Benromach 1974 single cask  , 49.1% abv , £1,200 1974 HERO BOX & BOTTLE (3)

Nose:  Imagine sitting in and old library, with antique wood benches and polished old furniture. Old leather and deep lush macerated fruit.  Liquor soaked sultanas , spices are not missing : nutmeg, cinnamon and clove with old sherry , a bit sourish at times and a whiff of mint. Everything I hoped for and the. Some. Ace. 

Palate: Spicy and bitter on entry with bitter wood, dark chocolate , Lapsang tea , orange marmalade, mint and antique wine , with quite some tannins. 
Finish : Bitter and dry oak , cinnamon , espresso and dark chocolate. 

Summing up:

This is a marvelous dram indeed, rich, antique and full of everything one comes to expect after 41 years in a sherry butt. The complexity of the nose is vast, and the palate and finish do not disappoint as well, this is top-notch stuff, a whisky lover’s delight. If i have to rate it , it’s certainly a notch over the 35-year-old and also the 1976 vintage.  The only downside is pricing. With this price tag, i doubt many bottles will be enjoyed, most probably will be bought by rich collectors. Many thanks to Benromach for sharing the sample!

Score: 93/100

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