Springbank 13 yo , ‘Green’

Springbank is one of those distilleries you buy whisky from and you KNOW it is going to be good. There are not many of those nowadays, but thank goodness for Springbank. They package their whisky in the simplest cases, the labels are not very impressive, and they do not invest much in PR, but they make a hell of a whisky, Period.

This 13 year old “green”, is distilled from organic barley, hence the name green, aged for 13 years in sherry casks, and bottled at 46%.  Last year Springbank released a 12 year old Bourbon cask “Green” edition, Which I reviewed here, and I am quite happy to say this one is even better than the 12 green… Only 9,000 bottles in this limited edition, and most sold out.

Springbank 13 Year Old Green , 46% ,£73 springbank-13-year-old-green-whisky

Nose: quite sweet and fruity, with rich baked apple, raisin and also a certain briny salty sea spray quality to it as well. Berries and leather on the second wave of sensation, very rich indeed with a twee hunt of gunpowder.

Palate: nice and rich as well over here. Big raisin and chocolate , with baked apple, a hint of smoke and a desert wine , nuts and grilled red fruit too. Cinnamon and pepper with a touch of cardamom , earth and leather.

Finish : cigar leaf, smoke , raisins and cinnamon .Some clove , dusty.

This, my friends, is a delicious whisky. It’s got age, it’s got a lovely sherry influence, and it’s big, bold, complex, deep and intriguing. And it’s damn tasty. Everything I look for in a whisky. No fancy label, no fancy name, packaging or PR noise. Whisky, as it should be. Highly recommended, and a tad better than the 12 Green edition,in my opinion.If your shop has some , grab it. ASAP. It’s almost gone.

Score: 88/100

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