Bunnahabhain 2006 unpeated gordon & MacPhail

Another G&M bottling today (another member of the Wood makes the whisky) , with an Unpeated young Bunna. Most young Bunna’s I’ve tasted recently were peated , and most quite heavily peated, and it’s no wonder so many IB’s bought casks of the young peated spirit, and bottled it (peat tends to be at it’s peak – flavor wise when young, that is , if you’re looking for a big peat monster, and not just for peat as another flavor / aroma). Anyways, I do not think I’ve had such a youngster (9 yo or so) unpeated Bunna, So – it’s very welcome!

Bunnahabhain 2006 (bottled 2015) – The MacPhail’s Collection (Gordon & MacPhail) , £32bunnahabhain-2006-bottled-2015-the-macphails-collection-gordon-and-macphail-whisky (1)

Nose : lovely delicate sherry influence with orange marmalade, orchard fruit and vanilla with a touch of berry juice.

Palate : spicy banana, and quite a lot of lemon zest, spice and toasted oak. Nutty and semi sweet dark Chocolate, earth and cinnamon.

Finish : pepper, chocolate covered nuts and a hint of orange marmalade, bitter wood

A highly enjoyable young whisky, that does not feel quite so young. fresh it is, with balanced aromas & flavors, spicy and chocolate. Lovely as a daily dram (for £32, which is not a bad price), with friends, and certainly in time for summer.

Score: 85/100

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